The medical cannabis dispensary was not what I expected.

I’m not sure what I expected when I walked into the medical cannabis dispensary, however it wasn’t what I saw.

I thought the medical cannabis dispensary would be dark, & not bright & lively.

There were more than three clerks sitting behind the counter. When I walked in, she took my name & said my first order was behind the counter waiting for me. I had to talk to the pharmacist before making an order & she chose my first marijuana products for me. After my initial purchase, I would be able to purchase anything I wanted. The medical marijuana dispensary had all unusual products out front. Some were marked as sale items with as much as 50% off, while other items were at 10% off. Everything was in glass cases with locks on the tops. You could look at anything you wanted, however you couldn’t touch separate from the help of one of the attendants. I was surprised at how clean & well kept the medical marijuana dispensary was. It felt sterile, while still being friendly, the girl who took my order, told me how to order again & she even gave me a number to call if I needed any further assistance. I was happy I had chosen to take this step in helping my body to know stronger. If the doctor had sent me to one more specialist, I would have strangled him. Although my pain was completely gone, I had found a way to manage it separate from taking more pills. Medical cannabis helped me to know better & I don’t know one bit awkward about telling people.



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