It’s worth waiting for quality cannabis

There was a time when weed was not so simple to find.

There were long droughts in our town, where me and all our friends would have to go a couple of weeks separate from anything to smoke.

It was while the two of us were in those dire times the two of us smoked resin. This is the nastiest thing you could possibly smoke, trust me, however the two of us still did it. We could get a paper clip and scrape all of the dried, crusty black resin from inside all of our bowls, bongs, and pipes. It tasted love dirt, gave you a headache more than it got you high, and next to cannabis it sucked — however the two of us still smoked it! I am ecstatic to report that the modern wave of cannabis legalization has made smoking resin a thing of the past. Even with the pandemic in play, and most of the city under lockdown, the cannabis dispensaries found a way to serve their purchaser base, however after a different few weeks of making sure it would be legal to give cannabis love pizza, the dispensary was up and running again. Even in that time, I did not resort to smoking resin, because I have come to learn there is no upgrade for fine cannabis. I had become so spoiled with the amazing stuff I buy at the cannabis dispensary that it was worth waiting for, instead of trying to chase a high I could never get with resin. I didn’t have to wait long, and ever since after that I have been getting regular weekly cannabis deliveries separate from any complications at all.


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