It was our first time to a medical cannabis dispensary.

When I first got our medical marijuana card, I was happy to go to the marijuana dispensary.

Since I don’t drive, our partner had to get a medical marijuana caretaker’s ID so he could go into the dispensary with me.

It took some courage for me to get out of the car & go into the medical marijuana dispensary. I was afraid someone would see me, & say something. It shocked me to see that the parking lot was full & there were people waiting to go into the dispensary. I had to press a buzzer & show our medical marijuana ID before I could even get into the first door. Once inside, I gave them our MMID & our state ID card so they could make a copy. I also had to sign a waiver stating I was who I represented myself as. I also had to agree that I would not hold the medical marijuana dispensary, or any of its employees responsible for our use of marijuana. Once I signed, he told me to go back into our car, where the pharmacist would contain me via our cell PC. My partner went through the door, had his ID copied & signed the same paper. He came out to the car to listen to our conversation with the pharmacist. I felt appreciate it was all a bit clandestine, but they said a lot of it had to do with Covid 19 rules & our state’s privacy laws. After our first time in the medical marijuana dispensary, I am now able to go online & put in our order. My partner & I can then go to the medical marijuana dispensary & pick up the order.

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