We wanted to get some pot brownies before heading to the party

My best friend and I were up to no good last summer.

We had returned home after the pandemic hit because we got laid off.

I had thought of staying alone in my apartment, but she convinced me to come home. It would be so much fun driving around together like we used to do as teens. My parents were so relieved to have all of us at home. We’d spend all day lounging and swimming since there wasn’t much else to do. My best friend planned to relax for a month then start looking for another job. One day, she called me and said our friend Jason had a few friends over to his house since his parents were out of town. My friend and I got ready as we thought of what to bring to the party. We knew there’d only been a small number of people, so I suggested we take some pot brownies. They were simple, and everyone loved edibles. We drove to a local cannabis dispensary to get the pot brownies and ended up browning. They had some new cannabis products that piqued my interest. Also, my friend wanted to check the CBD oil and purple cannabis. We didn’t realize how much time had passed inside the marijuana dispensary until my phone rang. It was Jason asking where we were since everyone else was already at his place. We told him we were on the way and went to the counter to pay for the marijuana products we were getting. I’d seen some cannabis oil pens and told the attendant I’d be back for some.

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