We probably shouldn’t have gotten cannabis

My friends and I decided to go to the coast for a week during Springtime break.

While every one of us were there, Ben made the move to buy some cannabis supplies from a recreational dispensary.

Ben honestly was the only one that is outdated enough to pick up some legal recreational marijuana. The rest of us were close. Ben went to the shop easily on his own, because basically everyone in the store had to show valid ID before making their way into the building. I thought it was a poor idea to get weed while every one of us were on trip, and I was upset that our friend would land into trouble if every one of us got caught. My buddies offered Ben a list of items and money and he made his way to the shop. He took a cab to the pot shop and spent approximately $200 on marijuana supplies similar to vape pens, pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and edible treats. Ben and the guys started out with some delicious gummy tablets, then they didn’t feel much after a few hours, so they took another dose. Then they started smoking the pre-roll. I’m so happy that I didn’t smoke any cannabis or take any edibles, because almost everyone was severely high. They were being super loud and obnoxious. Twice I had to quiet them down when the hotel manager came knocking on the door. I didn’t want to get kicked out of the hotel, then every one of us would have been sleeping on the street. It wasn’t a fantastic experience for me that night and I was glad they were more controlled the rest of the week. They certainly didn’t know the power of the edibles.

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