They said I couldn’t buy anymore at the pot store

I was actually interested in a sale at the pot store. I had earlier received an email from the cannabis shop. They planned to have specials all weekend to celebrate the single year birthday. A good amount of items were included in the sale. All edibles were going to be 20% off plus numerous different companies had BOGO sales happening. The live resin concentrate, badder, plus sugar products were all 20% off as well. I was really happy about the sale on vape pens, plus cartridges, then most items in the store were going to be BOGO for $1. The most wonderful thing was there was no limit on the sale. I could get several grams of vape pen cartridges plus all of them would be BOGO $1. I was able to get up super early on the day of the sale. I took a shower plus ate a bit of food, before grabbing a LYFT to the store. I have not had an automobile in a number of years, because it’s so easy to get around the town without a vehicle. When I have to travel numerous miles, I take an automobile service. The remainder of the time, I ride my bicycle. I got a full order of eight grams at the dispensary. I was hoping to get more so I returned to the cannabis shop later that particular day. I didn’t actually know that the dispensary would have a record of my earlier visit. As soon as they saw my name on the order screen, a budtender decided to get me plus told me the horrendous news. There is definitely no way around the eight grams per day limit. I couldn’t order more supplies there.

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