There was a new marijuana dispensary in town

A friend of mine was coming into town for a few weeks.

She was attending a business conference, and I insisted she had to stay with me.

We knew each other from college and had spent a lot of time together. However, we ended up in different parts of the country after graduation. She worked for a big company and was always traveling across the globe. About two weeks ago, she sent me an email saying she would be in my area. She requested we meet up and perhaps have some coffee or lunch. I called her later in the day and insisted she stay with me during the conference period. I had to do a few things to make sure the guest bedroom was in great condition. I went to town and bought a few supplies, including some towels, soaps, scented candles, and curtains. My goal was to make the experience memorable for her. Plus, this was a chance to test out an idea of renting out the spare room in my house for a few days’ stay. While in town, I came across a new marijuana dispensary and was quite delighted. I’d wanted some CBD oil, so I went inside. My friend had said she didn’t mind if I got her some edibles. She knew the weekend was coming, and we’d spend time relaxing by the pool in my home. The cannabis dispensary was quite stocked with a wide array of marijuana products. But I wanted to get CBD products without any THC content for us.

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