The cost for the cannabis drink went up a great deal

I decided to order a couple of items from the cannabis shop for delivery last month, and I was looking to find a few new cartridges for my vape pen plus I picked up some excellent flower called space bomb with 29% THC plus the most delicious fruit stink.

While I was adding items to the cart, I observed an interesting new edible on the menu. The edible is a cannabis infused drink with a pretty sizable amount of THC. The 1000mg syrup can be mixed with juice, pop, or water. It can be ingested from the bottle, even though I tried that plus it was really nasty. It almost made me gag. I care about the drink with some Sprite or 7up. It still tastes a little too sweet, but the citrus flavor is a good addition. The cannabis elixir is easily powerful. One small dose lasts almost all day plus makes me feel excellent. I feel uplifted, energetic, plus full of creative ideas. I’ve been ordering the cannabis drink every week for the past several weeks plus the other night I observed the price increase. I wasn’t the only man ordering the new drink plus it certainly shows because they consistently raise the prices when something is a hit. I began buying this really low cost product with natural terpenes. It was a steal at twenty dollars until more people started to make it popular plus now it is 40 dollars. The price for the elixir has doubled since last month. It’s pretty much unaffordable at that price. I never would have tried the cannabis drink at this price point to be perfectly honest.



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