The cannabis drink I like went up in cost

I ordered some items from the cannabis shop for delivery this past week… I needed a couple of new cartridges for my vape pen and I picked up some superb flower called space bomb with 29% THC and the most wonderful fruit smell. While I was adding items to the cart, I noticed a rather interesting new edible on the menu. The edible is a cannabis infused drink with a fairly large amount of THC. The 1000mg syrup can be mixed with juice, pop, or water. It can be ingested directly from the bottle, but I tried that and it was rather disgusting tasting. It almost made me choke. I like the drink with some Starbucks Latte or 7up. It still tastes extremely sweet, however the citrus flavor is a fairly nice addition. The cannabis elixir is unquestionably powerful! One little dose actually lasts all through the day and makes me feel great. I feel uplifted, energetic, and full of creative ideas. I’ve been ordering the cannabis drink basically every month for the past 3 weeks and last night I noticed the price increased a good amount. I wasn’t the only lady ordering the new drink and it shows because they always raise the prices when something is a major hit. I started picking up this entirely low cost product with natural terpenes. It was an absolute steal at twenty dollars until more people started to make it popular and now it is 32 dollars. The actual cost for the elixir has gone up an unbelievable amount since last week. It’s almost unaffordable at that price. I never would have tried the cannabis drink at this price to be honest.



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