That was my sister’s first time in a marijuana dispensary

I moved away from home when my sister Carly was eight years old.

It wasn’t easy for me to leave her, but I had to.

My dream was to become an actress, and that wasn’t possible in a small town. I worked so many waitressing jobs to save enough money, got on the bus, and left to start a new life. Mom and dad called me every night for the first month to make sure I was okay. At times Carly would stay on the phone and cry, which almost broke my heart. I worked as a production assistant for some time until I got my break. The movie I was working on needed some spare actresses, and that’s how my career began. I managed to earn good money from that and other recurring roles that Carly went to college. After graduating from the local community college, she came to the city to live with me. I had so much to show her now that she was an adult. We went to clubs and even a cannabis cafe to try out some infused coffee. Carly had been dealing with anxiety, and she felt the coffee helped her relax. So, next, I took her to a marijuana dispensary. She’d smoked weed before, but this was her first time in a store selling so many cannabis products. Christmas had come early, especially when she came across the cannabis oil pens. I got some CBD oil which always helped me sleep better. My apartment was in a noisy area, and sometimes it was hard to fall asleep.

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