Living near a cannabis dispensary

When I moved into a giant apartment complex I thought I picked a bad location.

Everyone told me it was up and coming but there was nothing around it for years.

I basically had my apartment, the complex’s pool, fitness center and grills. I had to drive to the bars, grocery store and restaurants. It was really annoying. Well now times have changed and businesses have popped up around my apartment. There are two restaurants and a bar to choose from. There is a small dollar store and a big grocery store. There is even a pizza place, shoe store and a dry cleaners now. Probably the best addition was a cannabis dispensary though. I am walking distance from a medical and recreational cannabis shop. Having a cannabis dispensary near me means everyone wants to come to my place now. It is just so convenient being in the main hub of things. My friends and I like going out to the bar and drinking. We get to know the locals and other people at the apartment since it is the only place to drink. It is nice to end the evening with a bit of weed. The dispensary has everything you could want. Sativa or indica, edible or cannabis oil, take your pick and they have it. The cannabis dispensary will even do delivery if you spend enough money. There are rainy, lazy days that I take full advantage of. I never need to wait more than 30 minutes after placing an order. I can stay in my PJs all day long.

medical pot store near me