Jennifer opened a cannabis dispensary

Jennifer was in for a surprise. Her grandmother had come to visit out of the blues. Jennifer had to hurry and prepare for her guest room for the weekend. Then she rushed to get a few supplies from the store since she didn’t have any groceries. Her grandmother insisted on making her a home-cooked meal and not getting take-out. Jennifer came back home with everything they needed then watched her grandmother make her famous dishes in her tiny kitchen. Later while they were eating, her grandmother began speaking about Jennifer’s dream of owning a business. Jennifer had a perfect idea which was opening a cannabis dispensary. Marijuana was legal, and she knew many people in her locale would welcome the venture. However, she needed quite a substantial amount to stock the store with a wide variety of marijuana products. They got down into the nitty-gritty of the finances. Jennifer had a good amount saved but still way off her goal. Her grandmother then handed her a cheque with more money than Jennifer needed to set up the marijuana store. All she wanted was an endless supply of edibles and to see her granddaughter living her dream. Jennifer cried so hard while thanking her granny for the wonderful gift. Six months later, she opened the doors to her first cannabis dispensary. She’d stocked so many things, including a wide array of new marijuana products and CBD. People warmed up to the business, and she had to hire two people. One was to help her at the CBD store, and the other to do cannabis delivery for customers who placed orders online.

Marijuana delivery