It was my first time seeing such a unique cannabis oil pen

Grandpa came to visit last summer.

He was not enjoying staying alone at the farm.

My step-mom had a new baby, and this was his chance to get away and come to see my sister. Dad drove to the airport to pick him up and brought him home. I was so happy to see him. We got to talk for quite some time after he’d seen the baby. Grandpa was telling me he planned to stay in an elderly care center soon. The house back home was getting to be too much for him. Plus, it felt empty ever since grandma passed away. We talked about the merits and demerits of moving to a care center. In the end, it was going to be his decision. I asked him if he wanted a place near our home or far away. I knew a friend whose grandma was in an elderly home in the city. They always went every weekend to visit her, or she’d come home to spend time with them. Grandpa said that sounded great and requested we drive there the next day to get a feel of the place. We got up early and had breakfast, then jumped into my car. Dad didn’t ask where we were going since he knew we always snuck away for our adventures. As we drove, we passed by a marijuana dispensary, and grandpa wanted to go in. I’d only been to the cannabis dispensary once with a friend but didn’t stay long. Grandpa wanted some cannabis oil plus some edibles to help him relax. I knew he was nervous about the care center and helped him search for pot brownies. I came across some new marijuana products that included the coolest cannabis oil pen I’d ever seen.


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