I wasn't the only person enjoying the cannabis drink

I ordered a couple of items from the cannabis shop for delivery last month.

I needed a few new cartridges for my vape pen and I picked up some great flower called space bomb with 29% THC and the most delicious fruit smell.

While I was adding items to the cart, I noticed an interesting new edible on the menu. The edible is a cannabis infused drink with a high amount of THC. The 1000mg syrup can be mixed with juice, pop, or water. It can be ingested straight from the bottle, but I tried that and it was terribly disgusting tasting. It almost made me gag. I prefer the drink with some sprite or 7up. It still tastes sweet, but the citrus flavor is a great addition. The cannabis elixir is very powerful. One small dose lasts all day and makes me feel great. I feel uplifted, energetic, and full of creative ideas. I’ve been ordering the cannabis drink every week for the past three weeks and last night I noticed the price increased. I wasn’t the only person ordering the new drink and it shows because they always raise the prices when something is a hit. I started buying this really low cost product with natural terpenes. It was a steal at twenty dollars until more people started to make it popular and now it is 32 dollars. The price for the elixir has gone up 20% since last month. It’s almost unaffordable at that price. I never would have tried the cannabis drink at this price point.


Space cake