I wanted to visit a marijuana store.

I had been considering getting a medical marijuana card for almost a year.

The only thing keeping me from getting it, other than the cost, was that I was afraid it wasn’t going to help.

I had tried different types of CBD. It had taken the edge off the pain, but it hadn’t helped for long. I couldn’t believe how much money I spent on the stuff. I wondered if marijuana was going to be the same way. I called the marijuana store and asked if I could come in and talk to someone. I had been told that you couldn’t get into a marijuana store unless you had a medical marijuana card. The young woman on the phone asked my name, and she also asked if I had the medical marijuana card? I told her no to the card, but I also told her that I was curious about marijuana, how I had used CBD for my pain, and I had a lot of questions. The budtender told me when the manager would be there and she gave me his name and promised to pass my name on to him. When I went to the marijuana dispensary, the manager was waiting for me. We talked in detail about how medical marijuana was much like using CBD and it even contained more CBD than THC. He explained that THC was the part of the marijuana that gave a feeling of euphoria. There were also more medical properties in the THC than there were in the CBD. He showed me some products and told me that if I made the decision to get a medical marijuana card, he would take care of all my medical marijuana needs.

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