I got promoted to the assistant manager position after the fight

A couple of weeks ago, there was a huge fight in the Cannabis Lounge and dispensary.

I’ve been working at a cannabis lounge and dispensary for several months.

I started working as a budtender and then I was moved to the lounge. The person working in the lounge fulfills customer orders and acts much like a waitress. I serve drinks, snacks, and weed. I was working in the cannabis lounge a couple of weeks ago, when there was a huge fight. A guy and a girl purchased a few items from the cannabis dispensary and sat down in the lounge to smoke a bowl of marijuana. They were very friendly and nice and they were minding their own business. About a half an hour after they arrived, another guy walked through the door of the lounge and started screaming at the couple. From what I could understand, the girl was on a date with someone other than her boyfriend. The guy started screaming at the girl and calling her names and then the two guys started fist fighting. Everything happened very quickly, but I acted quickly to grab the security officer and call the police. I also picked up a fire extinguisher from under the counter and threatened to use it if the guys didn’t stop fighting. The incident could have escalated into a nightmare, but the security officer and I handled everything with very little ease and frustration. After the fight, I got promoted to the assistant manager position. My boss was really impressed with the quick response and fast sinking and believes I have potential to go far in the business.

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