I can’t even sleep without my indica

I have essentially always had a lot of issues with sleeping during the evening.

When I was a youngster, I did not fall asleep until around midnight… Even if my mom plus dad took myself and others hiking or swimming all day, I was still wide awake when the sunlight set! I never was able to sleep too much either.

I might fall asleep around midnight, but I was up plus ready to go the next day as soon as the sunlight was shining. Oftentimes, I remember laying in bed waiting for the sunlight to come out. Everyone else in the residence was sleeping quietly, but I was ready to go for a lengthy run. I’ve tried a number of unusual sleeping aids like nyquil, benadryl, plus prescription medications. The 1 thing that I have found to work officially is cannabis… Cannabis wasn’t something I planned to try for sleeping, because it has made me feel high plus jittery in the past. The doctor told me that I should try some indica strains at bedtime. I went to a medical dispensary plus talked to someone about the unusual medical marijuana strains plus they easily made the suggestion that I go for some OG Kush with my condition. The smooth plus mellow flavor makes it wonderful for smoking bowls, joints, or pipes. I’ve been smoking cannabis at bedtime for the last two years plus I sleep much more soundly. I smoke roughly an hour before bedtime… By the time the high wears off, I am totally ready to sleep. My mind plus body actually feels more calm plus relaxed plus that helps me sleep better plus for longer periods of time. OG kush plus other indica strains are pretty nice for insomniacs just like me.



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