Grandma started using CBD oil to ease the pain in her hip

Grandma was almost 75 years old. She lived close by after mom made her move. Before, she used to live in a rural area that was quite isolated. Back then. It wasn’t that bad to have her there since we had a place to visit during the long school holiday in summer. The area was so spectacular with amazing views and farm animals to look after. Plus, grandma had helped, so she wasn’t all alone. However, some years later, she had to sell the animals when she fell ill. That’s when mom began to ask her to move in with us so that we could take care of her. Grandma refused until she fell and didn’t get anyone to assist her for quite some time. Luckily, mom had called, and when grandma didn’t answer, she requested a neighbour to check in on her. The neigbour found grandma on the floor and rushed her to the hospital. After leaving the hospital, she came to stay with us and bought the house next door after selling the farm. Though her hip healed, it still felt painful, especially during winter, so grandma took CBD oil to ease the pain. A friend was using CBD products for her condition and advised grandma to try it out. CBD was good since it didn’t have any trace of THC, which made someone high. Mom went to a local marijuana dispensary one morning and bought grandma some cannabis oils. She also got pot brownies and sativa for herself because she said it helped with her anxiety.
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