Benson was worried the marijuana edibles had THC in them

Benson wasn’t in the best shape of his life.

He had to admit at some point after the breakup.

He stopped trying. His ex had confronted him after finding out he was cheating on her. Benson tried to deny it but forgot there’s nothing as determined as a woman on a mission. She had texts and pictures, and that’s how their story ended. Benson tried to make amends but found out she had moved away to live with her sister. He was left to handle his broken heart and began eating his emotions. In just a few months, Benson had gained a lot of weight and sunk into a funk. Then one morning, he woke up, looked in the mirror, and wasn’t happy with the person he’d become. It was time to move on and join a gym. Benson got a gym membership and began doing strength training. In addition, he went on a low-calorie diet and made changes to how he ate. Another change was seeing a therapist help with his emotions and other issues. The gym was good, but his muscles fought him all the way, so he began to use CBD oil. There was a local marijuana dispensary in his local area that he’d heard about. He drove there one afternoon after his gym session, hoping the marijuana would help ease his muscle pain. A friend at the gym was using CBD oil for the same issue and recommended it to Benson. The shop attendant gave Benson some time to walk around and check out the marijuana products. Once he’d seen some edibles he liked, he asked her if they contained any THC. Benson wanted CBD, which didn’t have any THC content.



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