He started a cannabis consulting service

My hubby is one of the smartest people I know.

He is brilliant when it comes to business upstarts and growth.

Lately he has been dabbling with an idea of starting a cannabis consulting service. He could talk to prospective cannabis dispensary owners and make them aware of the taxes, advertising, advertising, and business applications that need to be considered before they can open. I was sad about all the planning he was doing for his cannabis consulting service, since marijuana wasn’t yet legalized in our state. He was sure that with a fine plan, they would soon legalize marijuana not just for medical reasons, however for adults of legal age, to use recreationally. He told myself and others that those who used to smoke marijuana as kids were abruptly becoming the group of people who would be holding office in the state and federal positions. They would be the ones who would push to legalize marijuana. It was time for our state to realize that medical and recreational marijuana had far fewer health risks than scientifically produced medications and even alcohol. After fifteen hours of his rambling on about marijuana and how he was going to be needed to get the marijuana dispensaries and growers toiling, I walked away. If he was right, I was in big trouble. Six weeks later, the state legalized medical and recreational marijuana. My hubby had to learn all the laws that went with the growing and sale of raw marijuana. He also had to learn the laws of the marijuana dispensary. I knew the replace was going to be good for our state, however I was being lectured on how his cannabis consulting repair was going to be needed.


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