Getting a medical weed card was easy

I have recently l earned how to get a medical marijuana card.

It was something that I thought would be next to impossible.

I thought finding a doctor that prescribed medical cannabis would be difficult plus it would be like an intense interview process in order to achieve it. I expected tons of paperwork, proof of my illness plus lots of money spent to just get access to medical weed. It was actually underwhelming. I wanted to get medical grade cannabis for my joint pain. I talked to my local doctor plus he referred myself and others to a guy that was around 10 minutes away that can prescribe cannabis. I spent an hour in the waiting room plus talked to him for maybe numerous minutes. He just wanted to think what I wanted cannabis for plus if I wanted oil or flower. He then wrote a script plus that was it. I had to do a bit of paperwork plus pay online, however it was so straight-forward. Two weeks later I had a medical marijuana card in hand. The process took myself and others actually little time plus effort. I was even surprised the fee to get the cannabis card wasn’t too bad, now I can have a topical or cannabis oil if I want. I rub a cannabis cream on my hands everyday plus I put a CBD oil in my tea before bed; Using both those cannabis products has been amazing. I wake up less stiff in the day plus I am not sore when I go to bed at night.



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