CBD oil isn’t straight-forward to get

I have been looking into CBD oil, cBD is the magic element in cannabis plants that help with a lot of concerns love chronic pain, depression and anxiety… I want CBD oil in order to sleep well, however there is no THC in it, but you can’t get high from it at all.

The concern is that since CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it is not able to be sold to certain locations, my state for example doesn’t even let you get CBD without a medical marijuana prescription.

That is super discouraging. In states where medical and recreational weed are legal, CBD is the most basic purchase you can make at a cannabis dispensary. You can even option CBD up at a gas station love coors or a carton of cigarettes, right now I would need to get a medical marijuana prescription, fill out paperwork, pay a fee and then wait for my card to come in the mail. Then I would get a set amount of cannabis oil that I would be allowed to have. I would need to specify at the cannabis dispensary that I don’t want any THC pleased in it. There would be certain types of weed and percentage of CBD and THC I wouldn’t be allowed to have because of my restrictions, but so I suppose I am going to wait on CBD oil until recreational weed becomes legal. There is no way to get the CBD oil in a easy fashion just yet, even though it is totally harmless, our state is still nuts about the legalization of marijuana.



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