Pot brownies are easy to make with cannabutter

Every time I have gone to the cannabis dispensary, I have bought some type of edible treat; Pot brownies are 1 of our number one things to eat.

I guess the flavor of the chocolate hides the flavor of the cannabis entirely well. I also guess that chocolate intensifies the effects of THC, and anytime I have consumed an edible with chocolate and THC, the high is consistently much more intense. I tried making our own pot brownies at new home with an ounce of Blue Dream marijuana. I followed all of the instruction online so I could respectfully extract the THC. Unluckyly, I wasted an entire ounce of Blue Dream and the pot brownies tasted appreciate dead plants, they were completely inedible. I was sizablely disappointed and mad. I told the budtender at the cannabis dispensary that I tried to make our own pot brownies and he commanded using cannabutter next time. The dispensary carries cannabutter in 1/2 cup sticks. The half cup sticks of butter are infused with cannabis and contain about 35% THC. The cannabutter sticks are entirely costly, which is why I never bought them in the past. Upon the suggestion of the budtender, the next time I decided to make pot brownies, I bought the butter. The pot brownies were a lot easier to make with the cannabutter and the flavor was robust and delicious. The cannabutter sticks were easy to portion and they can be stored in the refrigerator. Honestly. I guess it’s a wonderful idea to keep a few cannabutter sticks in the fridge at all times.


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