The THC content in most cannabis concentrates ranges from 60% to 95%

I love coffee to death, but sometimes I need expresso because of my growing caffeine tolerance.

  • It’s probably a bad thing that I drink upwards to a pot and a half of coffee on a normal workday.

My coffee maker is inside my home office and there is always more coffee brewing if I crave another cup. I hate to admit that I have resorted to taking caffeine pills on top of my regular coffee consumption. When you are consuming so much caffeine, it’s easy to develop a heavy tolerance and it doesn’t take very long. I have found that the same is true with marijuana. I started out by just using cannabis flower products, but I soon discovered that they weren’t really giving me the right effects anymore. No matter how good the batch of marijuana flower buds was, I could only get intoxicated to a certain degree. That’s why I was so interested in trying cannabis concentrates. I had heard good things about wax, shatter, and rosin. Cannabis flower products usually have between 15% and 30% THC while cannabis concentrates have a THC content that ranges from 60% to 95%. At first you notice the huge jump in potency, especially if you get a quality extract that is full of natural terpenes. But it doesn’t take long for your tolerance to build, especially with stronger batches where the THC content is close to 90%. It’s easy to get used to taking large hits of cannabis concentrates all day while getting only marginal effects. It helps to rotate different strains throughout the week to prevent yourself building a tolerance to the particular terpene mixture found in each individual strain.



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