The recreational marijuana market brought a wider range of marijuana products

A lot of people falsely assume that marijuana flower products are what everyone is using when they consume cannabis daily.

The reality is far from it, as there are more products being released on the market every year.

A lot of older folks want to experience the medical benefits of the plant only, they’re not necessarily interested in getting “stoned” or intoxicated from using cannabis products. That’s why you see things like skin creams, oil tinctures, extended-release patches, edibles, and nose sprays. Many of these products contain varying levels of CBD to balance the psychoactive effects of the THC inside. But there are also large selections of products for people who want to get high and intoxicated whenever they’re consuming the plant. They’re primarily focused on one thing only, and that’s the THC content of the cannabis product that they’re purchasing. It doesn’t matter if it’s RSO oil for oral consumption or a gram of BHO wax that is being loaded into a dab rig, the recreational users are as interested in THC numbers as heavy drinkers are about alcohol content in their liquor. Since you see this demand in the recreational marijuana market, there are noticeably more products that are devoted to maximum intoxication. The cannabis edibles are much stronger and the concentrates are more potent. But there are also more types of concentrates and edibles to choose from. For the former you see BHO oil, distillate, wax, shatter, crumble, hashish, diamonds, terp sauce, rosin, and live rosin. With edibles you can find everything from classic pot brownies to nano drops where the THC is formulated to break the blood-brain barrier faster.

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