The guy appeared to be mean and scary

My boss hired a new security guard to watch the front door and help check clients into the cannabis shop, but the man is undoubtedly mean and angry plus he looks scary.

He never smiles and he always has his hand on his gun! Anytime someone tries to make a joke, he has a scowl on her face.

I know the boss wanted someone that looked like an authority, but this man looks like a professional wrestler. He is over 6 feet tall and almost 300 pounds. His arms are as large as my legs. He undoubtedly lifts weights for fun in his spare time! Until a couple of afternoons ago, I thought the boss hired a man that was crazier than our clientele. The security guard was sitting at the desk in the lobby of the cannabis shop when a man in a mask tried to rob the dispensary. Jack tackled the man to the ground in seconds, long before she had a chance to threaten anyone in the building. The man wasn’t carrying a knife or a gun, but Jack did not know that when she tackled the woman to the ground. After the police arrived and took our statements, we closed the dispensary for an hour so all the people could calm down and catch their breath. For the first time ever, I saw Jack act like one of us. He totally let down his guard and talked. He told all the people that he was anxious that he might freeze up in an intense situation, although he surprised himself by remaining calm and vigilant. All this time, I thought he was mean and angry, although he was just like the rest of us.


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