The dispensary finally had hybrid strains for sale again so I tried Girl Scout Cookies

Since the moment I started using marijuana at 18, I have been barraged by all of these ridiculous strain names.

When it was black market weed in college, we all joked that the names were made up regardless of which batch of pot we were smoking. We could usually tell by looking at the shape and color of the cannabis if it was a sativa or indica strain, but short of that I didn’t believe it if someone told me they were selling me purple kush unless the buds were literally purple. When our state legalized recreational cannabis use, the strain names got even more ridiculous. Examples like Rude Boi, Kitchen Sink, Wookie Girl, and Chemdawg are just the first that come to mind, but there are dozens more. My favorite dispensary focuses on producing quality sativa and indica strains so I don’t always see hybrid strains for sale when I go. I was happily surprised to see several hybrid strains for sale when I visited the cannabis dispensary yesterday. Although it’s a classic and nothing new and exciting, I decided to finally try the cannabis strain called Girl Scout Cookies. It’s the parent strain to a number of highly rated strains, like Dos Si Dos, King Dosi, Platinum Cookies, and more. I was pleasantly surprised at how balanced the strain’s effects are, especially using the wax concentrate. I have a vaping rig with an electronic nail that heats up a glass cup to specific temperatures for the smoothest and tastiest hits you can imagine from a cannabis concentrate. The Girl Scout Cookies wax is great for the afternoon, as I didn’t find it too sedating for use before evening like some hybrid strains.


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