THCV has been key with my weight loss success

I’ve been dealing with weight issues since I was in my early teens.

While I do indeed have some serious appetites for the fattening stuff, it’s also a genetic thing.

Weight management as well as obesity run in my family on both sides. Even when I was an active teen athlete, I still had to control what I ate to keep unnecessary pounds off. A minor cannabinoid called THCV has recently played a giant role in being able to curb my appetite. This is genuinely ironic considering that THCV isolates are a close cousin of the THC. That would be the active as well as psychoactive compound you get from marijuana. I have learned from personal experience that using marijuana only makes me crave food. There is a real reason they call it the munchies. So I was alarmed to read research on THCV that indicated those attempting to curb or suppress appetite could use this. I get bulk cannabinoids as they are derived from hemp as well as not a serious concern where I live. Once I started the THCV, I was surprised by how effective it was from the very start. Using a natural substance in my efforts to get to as well as maintain a healthy weight are in line with my overall approach to this situation. This time, I’m not getting involved with fad diets or trying to starve myself. That’s just a proven failure. I’ve changed my lifestyle completely in fact. So I’m eating only natural foods as well as had to do away with any sort of processed stuff. Plus, consistent, low impact exercise has also been especially beneficial. But having the THCV help suppress my appetite has been quite helpful as well as a wonderful addition to the plan.


THCV Isolate