She had quite the display of cannabis

In the break between school, I went up north to spend some time with my buddy Lois.

Lois and I used to be so close when both of us were kids, but it had been a lot of years since both of us had seen one another.

The two of us had started to connect over the computer over the pandemic, and now that things were opening back up I wanted to go see my pal again. I knew that both of us had a lot in common, and she had some fun stuff lined up for us to do. I also knew she was a big-time cannabis lover, just like me, so I was enthusiastic to see what kind of orange they had in the large city. Any expectations I had were shattered long before I stepped into a cannabis dispensary, just with what I saw at Lois’ apartment. There was an antique wooden dresser in her den, and when she opened it up I saw dozens of clear jars of cannabis. All colors of green, various densities and degrees of fluffiness, a dazzling array of cannabis. It was as if Lois had collected her own little cannabis dispensary in his room, and every spot in the dresser was filled with implements of cannabis. There were vapes and edibles of all shapes and sizes, a custom made glass bong, a cute little bowl, and a few ways to smoke cannabis that I had frankly never heard of before. I am not sure what the fun things Lois had planned for us to do, because the entire trip was spent in a thick haze of cannabis smoke.

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