Sativa is the best for writing and art

The famous writer Ernest Hemmingway was quoted as saying “write drunk, edit sober,” words of wisdom to this very day! I am not much of a drinker, more a smoker, but the sentiment remains the same.

When you are writing, creating your work, you need to relax your mind and let the words come through you.

Don’t overthink things, just write what comes naturally, and this is where being stoned really comes in handy for me. When I am high I can totally relax, not worry about spelling or punctuation, and just flow. That is the gift of cannabis for the writers of the world. On the other hand, when it is time to revisit and revise the writing, I don’t use cannabis beforehand because I want to be as sharp as possible for revising and honing my words. The main problem I run into with writing while smoking a lot of cannabis is that sometimes an idea will seem clear to me, but not translate on the page. The art of writing is to take the picture that has formed in your head, and describe it perfectly on the page, so cannabis helps but can also hinder at times. The best kind of marijuana to use while writing is Sativa, of course, which is widely known for helping the creative juices start to flow. Other kinds of cannabis might slow you down, or make you more introspective, so for writing or art I strongly recommend using Sativa. And for editing, I strongly recommend some coffee, and no cannabis at all.
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