Recovery is aided by timely medical marijuana treatment

Prior to my accident, I had never used any sort of cannabis product.

This was not because I had anything against cannabis products but rather just a sort of happenstance.

For some reason, I just never gravitated toward getting high when I was younger. And the opportunities to partake in cannabis products dwindles as I aged. So, it’s sort of interesting that I know rely on medical cannabis to help me recover from grave injury. I was in a pretty terrible accident that nearly took my life. While I’m quite thankful to be alive, it hasn’t come without a lot of struggle. And once I was done with surgeries and the physical therapy started in earnest, I almost just couldn’t do it. I was at my wit’s end and about to give up when a physical therapist suggested looking into medical marijuana information. She said that while she didn’t use cannabis products, she had seen patients benefit greatly from it. That was enough for me to get right on just how to get a medical marijuana card. Once the marijuana regulations were out of the way, I got to the marijuana dispensary where I found the cannabis flower products that saved me. It’s like exactly what I needed. Medical cannabis helps me manage pain with far less pain meds. But it’s the improvement in muscle stiffness and range of motion that have been the most promising. My physical therapy has seen such unexpected results that I’m now ahead of schedule where before I was woefully behind. It’s just a wonderful thing and it wouldn’t be possible without medical cannabis.


how to get a medical marijuana card