PTSD subsides with medical marijuana treatment

I’m thankful that if I have to deal with PTSD, at least I live in an age where it is a recognized diagnosis.

Trauma is part of life but severe trauma is a bit more isolated.

My PTSD comes from the severe brand of trauma at the hands of others. This has recently been made better with being able to get access to medical marijuana. Like many other, I am finding not only great relief from my symptoms with medical cannabis, but improvement in my life. And that’s what I’ve been really looking for. Therapy has been essential to my recovery and management of my PTSD. However, it’s the addition of the cannabis products that has heightened my improvement. The fact that I can get sleep on a regular basis is a very big deal. While I still have nightmares about my trauma at times, using cannabis flower products at night helps me calm down. I can relax and not be afraid of sleeping. I find this to be one of the best things about medical cannabis. Still, it’s the feeling that things are capable of improvement that help me when it comes to medical cannabis. And I always enjoy going to the marijuana dispensary. The people at the legal weed shop are kind, understanding and always looking out for specific cannabis products to help me. I’ve been being treated with cannabis flower products for the past six months and I have to say that it’s the most improvement I have ever experienced. This is such a great achievement for me. And I know that cannabis products will help me continue along the road to my recovery.

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