My wife and I got stuck on our way to the pot shop

My wife and I were on our way to the pot shop to buy cannabis supplies.

The pot shop is about an hour away from our residence, so we only try to go once or twice a month. It’s 38 miles each way through the mountains and the hills. When we go to the pot shop, we definitely stock up on all of our favorite supplies. My wife and I went to the pot shop and we ended up getting stuck on our way. We were halfway up the hill when I felt the tire start shaking. I pulled over to the side of the road and I realized that my tire was flat. I checked in the trunk for the spare, but it was flat as well. We were trying to go to the pot shop while the morning sale was occurring, because everything in the store is 20% off and till noon. Unfortunately, the tow truck driver didn’t arrive to help with our vehicle problem until afternoon. By the time the car was fixed and we were back on the road, there was no reason to go to the pot shop to buy cannabis supplies. We missed the weekly sale and that was the biggest reason why we chose to go on that day. When we couldn’t get the sale prices, we decided to go back home and wait until the following weekend. We spent the whole week without any vape cartridges, but we smoked extra cannabis flower instead. I double checked the tires before we went to the pot shop the following weekend


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