Muscle spasm episodes reduced after medical marijuana

It has to be stated that I find it quite ironic that I’m using medical marijuana.

This has to do with the fact that I had spent my entire life misinformed about cannabis products in general.

Having been raised in a very strict household, alcohol wasn’t even present so cannabis products would have been viewed as pure evil. This sort of myth surrounding cannabis flower products continued throughout my adult life. So much so that I was opposed to legal weed shops in our state. The idea of medical marijuana legalization was something I was against. I’m sure glad there were a lot more voters who were much more informed about medical cannabis than I was. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to deal with my muscle spasms in a much more manageable and healthy way. As the result of a back injury, I have had recurring muscle spasms for several years. They can be quite severe at times. This was being treated with heavier and heavier doses of muscle relaxers. But that really affected my ability to even get to work. On the advice of a physical therapist, I looked into using medical cannabis. The research was pretty clear and the data made it very hard to argue against the efficacy of cannabis products. The marijuana regulations weren’t too tough to deal with and before you knew it, I was in a legal weed shop that I had been previously so opposed to. You live and learn I guess and that’s an important component to evolving as human being as well. Medical cannabis has made all the difference for me and my condition and that’s what really matters.

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