Most of the cannabis delivery services charge fees for every delivery order

It was really convenient getting so many items delivered to my home over the past 12 months. I didn’t want to be exposed to the virus by visiting stores packed full of dozens of people so I made all of my orders with the grocery stores through their websites and home delivery services. Some stores have their own team of delivery drivers with 2-4 hour turn around times. Other stores have contracts with companies that are third party delivery people, and their employees will even pick up orders from a fast food restaurant. Naturally, you have to pay extra fees for these convenient services, but it’s worth every penny if you have the money to spend. I was excited to learn that all of the major cannabis dispensaries in my state also offer home delivery for their customers. Unfortunately, all but one dispensary has some kind of charges or exclusions for free deliveries. Typically you have to spend at least $100 to get free shipping or you’re charged anywhere between $15 and $25. Some dispensaries force you to spend at least $200 for them to consider free delivery. It’s frustrating if you’re tight on money and looking to score deals when the dispensaries have rotating sales. I feel like the delivery fee is almost like a tax on top of the entire order. But if you’re looking to avoid going into dispensaries in person to limit exposure, you start to find reasons to justify spending so much on home delivery. It’s also really convenient and nice to get woken up in the morning to a knock on the front door from the cannabis delivery service driver.
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