I wish my state had cannabis cafes instead of so many bars and liquor stores

I live in a state that always had a problem with alcoholism and drunk driving. We were drilled by our parents at a young age about the dangers of irresponsible liquor consumption, but some of my peers were already drinking by the time they entered high school at 14 years of age. When I started driver’s ED a year later, we were taught the warning signs of an intoxicated driver on the road. If you see someone weaving in and out of their lane, try to get ahead of the driver on the road and away from them completely. Despite never wanting to address the problem with alcohol abuse in our state, many conservative lawmakers tried to scare us all away from voting for medical cannabis by claiming that the streets would be filled with drugged-out drivers. But I don’t hear about accidents on the road caused by stoners, it’s almost always alcohol or a combination of it and other drugs. This is why we still can’t get the state to approve cannabis cafes despite having had medical cannabis dispensaries for four years in total. Their lies never came true, so why must we still suffer? I would much rather go with my friends to a cannabis cafe than hit bars every weekend for the rest of our lives. As long as you can get a ride home from a sober driver, there shouldn’t be any hesitation from people who don’t use cannabis or anyone who would vote to prohibit these businesses from existing in the first place. Hopefully our state will see cannabis cafes at some point in the future.


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