I wish I could be a marijuana delivery driver

I work for a recreational marijuana dispensary filling orders, talking to clients, and stocking shelves.

  • Up until now, we have never given a delivery service to our cannabis clients, lots of our clients inquired about delivery, but the owner didn’t want the hassle of offering delivery services.

After several other recreational marijuana shops started to deliver, she slowly changed her mind. For the past week, she has been checking delivery and order systems. During the Saturday meeting this week, I found out that we are going to start offering delivery services on the 1st of next week. The dispensary is currently looking for delivery drivers to fill the available positions. The delivery drivers will easily make a ton of money in tips. I would like to give recreational marijuana supplies, however I drive a beat up truck and it is not in the best shape. It has a single mirror and the paint job is awful. It also has a small oil leak. I do not think the truck would run long, if I started to use it numerous hours every day to give cannabis supplies. For now, I’m stuck working inside the dispensary with the other budtenders. I recognize delivery is going to boost our sales and I suppose that means a night shift manager will be necessary. I have my eye on that job and I already discussed the opening with my boss. I have been here since the store opened and I want the work. As long as delivery increases our sales, I am going to get a raise and a promotion in a few weeks.


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