I was worried about my battery when I went to work

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting ready to go to work and the car wouldn’t start.

I realized the battery was dead.

I called my boss and I told her that I would be unable to fulfill my shift at the marijuana dispensary. I was due to work as a delivery driver and my car was having trouble. She needed me to come to work and she sent another budtender to charge the battery on my car. Once the battery was charged, the car started and I drove over to the marijuana dispensary. I told my boss that I absolutely could not deliver, but I was happy to work in the store or behind the counter. We were extremely busy in the store at that time, so she agreed to the deal. Unfortunately, we got slammed with a dozen delivery orders at the same time and each of them were headed in different directions. My boss came to me with two marijuana orders and asked me to make the deliveries. I protested heavily and explained to my boss that I was worried about the battery. I didn’t know if the problem was simple, because my car was old and it may have needed an alternator. She told me that I was hired to deliver marijuana supplies and I needed to drive. I didn’t want to lose my job, so I left the store with the cannabis orders. I was sitting at a traffic light one mile from the marijuana shop when my car died. I was thankful that I wasn’t halfway out to the country when the problem occurred, but my boss was aggravated. She had to make the two deliveries.