I want more indica products but most of the live rosin comes in sativa strains

My dad ends his day with a strong glass of scotch, but I never took to drinking alcohol.

I tried it throughout my 20s when my friends invited me to parties or to join them at bars, but I never enjoyed the effects. I have a weak stomach from IBS and alcohol usually gives me nausea. Even if I can skirt the upset stomach, getting too intoxicated on liquor gives me head spins that are mind numbingly disorienting. But when I tried cannabis for the first time, I absolutely loved the effects. A wave of calmness rushed over my body and my brain exploded with creative thoughts. I bought a bag of dried cannabis flower buds and started using it on the weekends at first. Now I’ve been using cannabis most days for the past eight years. Back then it was cannabis flower products but these days I’m primarily interested in live rosin and other solventless cannabis concentrates. You get the closest thing to a full spectrum effect that is humanly possible. Full spectrum simply implies that you’re getting all of the cannabinoids from the original strain while retaining as many terpenes as possible. Live rosin is made from plants that are frozen the second they’re harvested, so you get more cannabinoids in that concentrate compared to anything made from dry cured cannabis flowers. They’re like in two different worlds, and live rosin is definitely worth the higher price that it commands. I just wish that I could find some indica strains of live rosin for a change because mostly all I see at the dispensaries are sativa strains. I have a gram of Dutch Hawaiian live rosin right now and it’s absolutely amazing.

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