I tried Dutch Hawaiian because the dispensary had several sativa strains for sale

Since I am hard at work all afternoon most days, I usually have a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen.

I have a ritual where I stop and take a few minutes to have a break in the kitchen.

I refill my cup of coffee and I look out my dining room window at the wildlife in my backyard. There are bird feeders hanging from the trees within view of the window, making for a relaxing and peaceful sight. The most important part that keeps everything else in my life glued together is the coffee. I have chronic fatigue from my health problems and it’s hard for me to perform at a high level with my work output without some kind of stimulant to keep me going through the day. I don’t like speed or amphetamines so I always gravitated towards coffee and caffeinated drinks. Recently I decided to try using sativa cannabis strains at the advice of my brother. The only time I had used cannabis it was an indica strain and it literally put me to sleep! He said that Durban Poison is a great sativa strain that melts away stress, depression, and even anxiety. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and enveloping effects that I got from smoking Durban Poison flower buds for the first time ever. When our local dispensary had a sativa sale last week, I was hoping to find more Durban Poison but all they had was Dutch Hawaiian. In a leap of faith, I bought it hoping that I would enjoy the effects. I think I like it more than Durban Poison, as it is even better at anxiety relief. That’s not common with famous sativa strains.