I still love to smoke cannabis

I am almost retirement age now, and I still start each morning with a bowl of weed. This is not a mid-life crisis thing at all, it is how I had chosen to start the day for the last thirty or so years. For many people, they see pot smokers as lazy deadheads, watching television and playing video games, but this is so far from the truth! Most pot smokers are the people you interact with day to day, out and about in the world, and you would never notice that they are high. Obviously smoking cannabis in public is still against the law. So for now, so I usually bring a THC infused vape pen to my job with me, to use on breaks and at lunch, but since I also use a vape pen for cigarette assiance, to help keep me healthy, no one ever thinks twice when I use the THC vape pen instead, no one knows the difference, so that makes the days at job go nice and chill, although vaping is no change for real cannabis, it still gets the job done. Since I am basically regularly blazed on some form of marijuana, no one ever thinks that I am high because I am regularly the same. No one would suppose it would be humanly possible to be high all afternoon, every afternoon, but these people underbid my cannabis consumption. I suppose it isn’t super great, but I have quit cigarettes and alcohol both, so cannabis has to be my one and only vice, and I’m really making it count.


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