Getting better comes with trips to the legal weed shop

There is just no doubt that I would be in far, far worse shape had medical marijuana not be legalized where I live.

Medical cannabis is the only thing that has helped my emotional state and I have tried just about everything. The diagnosis I have received has ranged all over the place. But mainly, I suffer from depression. It can be so crippling at times that I simply can’t even get out of bed. I loved jobs, relationships and small pieces of my soul due to this depression. Nothing worked until I started with cannabis flower products. All the doctors really tried to help me and there were a slew of medications. The same thing can be said for therapy. Again, it just did enough to keep me hanging on. But hanging on just isn’t living. And with the help I get from medical cannabis, I am actually finding out that there is a great life out there for me. Fortunately, the folks at my cannabis dispensary really know what they’re doing. The legal weed shop staff has helped me pinpoint the specific strain of cannabis flower products that helps me the most. And it was such a rapid improvement that I was afraid that perhaps I was kidding myself. Yet the results prove the point. I have been working the same job for over a year now. I actually feel a sense of hope that has replaced much of the dread I’ve spent my life experiencing. What’s more, it’s just getting better. Therapy is much more productive and life seems almost like something to be enjoyed and I had no earthly understanding of just how great that feels.

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