Finding relief with my PTSD thanks to THCV

Trauma has far reaching effects on various people.

And it’s not just on an emotional level either.

While the emotional results are easily the most noticeable, at least for me, there are several physically related concerns with PTSD. And I should know, I’ve been dealing with or managing my PTSD for a number of years now. However, I have recently added THCV to my treatment options. This has made a pretty huge difference. I was first introduced to the idea of using marijuana to manage PTSD symptoms. This was something that had worked for a good amount of people in my support group. So I provided it a try myself. There was a near immediate positive effect when I used medical marijuana. But the psychoactive component wasn’t all that great for me. I loved the calm I acquired but the high made it impossible for me to function in my regular life. That’s what’s so excellent about this minor cannabinoid. THCV gives me the calming effect of weed without having so much of the tough time with the psychoactive qualities of pot. And this has been a true game changer for me. Adding CBN to the THCV therapy has also been highly beneficial. The CBN has a calming effect that I can actually feel. It’s sort of similar to a mild valium without the fuzziness of the medication. I add the CBN on days where the PTSD symptoms are a bit out of control. This helps the THCV to help me to calm a bit more quickly and find a grounded perspective.
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