Finding anxiety relief using CBN and CBG

When you are really sort of different from seemingly everyone else, it can really weigh on a person.

That has certainly been the case with me and the anxiety that has been almost ever present in my life.

So it’s with some profound joy that I’m finding a big difference maker with the minor cannabinoids CBN and CBG. They are a natural substance that really helps me manage my anxiety. Of course, they are in the same class as CBD so it’s not tough to get access. I even buy bulk cannabinoids whenever I can. That’s how impressed with the CBN and CBG I have been. There have been more than 3 decades of antidepressant medication use for me. This has resulted in a sort of mixed bag. While there were some early benefits to using those meds, the efficacy would wane over time. This meant higher and higher dosages of the meds. Then, I would have to shift to new meds and that was a whole ordeal. Plus with the CBN isolates, I don’t have near the amount of side effects that the old meds would cause. While I certainly wanted to manage my anxiety as best I could, I also didn’t want to deal with side effects that further limited my life. This approach with the minor cannabinoids is really effective. The THC was too much. But the CBN has a very calming quality to it that I have never experienced. It doesn’t appear to wane with the length of time I’ve been using it. That calming effect is so important to the perspective I need to deal with, manage and understand my anxiety.
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