Dealing with MS better with help from medical cannabis

Getting my head around an MS diagnosis has been an interesting experience.

There was so much blur at first that I really didn’t know quite what to do or how to act.

Thankfully, I leaned on people who had real experience living with MS. And that is just how I also discovered medical marijuana and the role it can play going forward with MS. The doctors have been great to me. I was immediately ushered into therapies designed to help slow the progression of my MS. And the meds are helpful as well. But some of the stuff I was on I found to be not as tolerable. Relying on good information from those who have been living with MS, I got myself to some cannabis events. It’s there that I was able to learn about medical marijuana and just how it could help me. I took the next step by navigating the medical marijuana regulations. Once I had access to the cannabis products, I again relied on my support network for specific guidance. What I found right away was that the cannabis flower products were very helpful reducing my muscle spasms. And I was able to reduce the dosage on some of the meds that were plaguing me with side effects. I also get relief from the muscle stiffness that occurs as well. Yet, it’s the calming and hopeful feelings I get from the cannabis flower products which have helped a lot as well. I don’t feel as though my future is bleak anymore as medical marijuana has encouraged me to just live today.

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