CBD oil not bought at a cannabis dispensary may or may not be lab tested for safety

After my mother was in a car accident and had to get surgery on her back, she has been in debilitating pain on a daily basis.

It’s hard hearing her cry out in pain whenever she gets up in the morning and tries to climb out of bed.

Until she can get moving and take her daily medication, it’s one of the worst times of the day for her back pain. It’s a matter of getting tylenol in the stomach as soon as one wakes up, but you have to strain your back just to reach the pills. I was distraught seeing this and feeling powerless with no way to take any of her pain away. She wasn’t interested in taking opiate pain medication because of my cousin’s addiction problems, but I can’t blame her. Unfortunately, that’s the only medication that doctors offered aside from muscle relaxants, which thankfully helped a lot more than simply taking tylenol and nothing else. I started researching treatments for her problems, wondering if cortisone shots to the spine would help. To my surprise, I saw a lot of forum posts from people who had recently started taking CBD supplements to relieve their back pain. I didn’t realize that you could find CBD oil capsules at the grocery store and pharmacy. However, I learned something in my research on CBD products. Since they are not FDA approved supplements, you’re dealing with a wild west market where some products are lab tested for safety while others aren’t. I learned that the safest CBD products are often found at cannabis dispensaries, but unfortunately our state doesn’t have them yet. I was relieved when I found a reputable CBD source on the internet that tests their products with third party laboratories.


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