Cannabis plants in Grammy’s garden

I learned everything I know about botany from my Grammy Ethyl. She was your prototypical grandma, always wearing a simple house dress, always happy to see me, always with a clean house and a fridge full of food. Grammy liked to spend most of her free time in the garden. She was such a bright and sunny person as compared to my grandpa, was dour and stern looking all the time. Very recently, Grammy showed me a new, hidden part of the garden I had never seen before, one filled with cannabis plants. Suddenly it all became clear to me why Grammy was so happy all the time, and why she was outside so often, it was because she was smoking cannabis every day! I was quite blown away to learn that not only did Grammy grow marijuana, not only did she smoke it, not only did she sell it to other members of her Bridge Club, but that she had been doing it longer than I had been alive! She told me she started growing cannabis when my mother was still in diapers. My whole life there have been amazing, lush cannabis plants hidden behind Grammy’s house and I had never known it! I examined one of the cannabis plants, and saw heavy buds laden with crystals, and it made my mouth start watering! She clipped a few juicy buds into a sandwich bag for me to take home with me, because she didn’t want me smoking marijuana before driving. Spending time in Grammy’s garden just got a heck of a lot more interesting.


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