Cannabis oil pens are often filled with THC distillate flavored with botanical terpenes

I have learned a lot of lessons about marketing while buying medical marijuana over the past four years.

In the beginning a lot of companies spent more money on their branding and their merchandise than they did on making good products.

It was frustrating to spend top dollar at a dispensary that markets itself as a “premium cannabis dispensary” and get flower buds that are dry and have no aromas. There were some dispensaries that would grow random strains and extract them together in huge batches and then break apart the THC and CBD to create these weird formulations. So you’d buy a cannabis oil pen with some mystery oil concoction of three parts THC to one part CBD, along with a preselected terpene mix. The only problem with the terpenes is that they were always botanical terpenes and not from the cannabis plant. You can get premium cannabis oil pens that have distillate inside that features cannabis derived terpenes, but they’re more expensive. A lot of people don’t even know that a difference exists, and I think it’s great that they enjoy cannabis oil pens with botanical terpene distillate oil. I’d much rather spend more money and get a full spectrum cartridge that retains many of the terpenes and lesser cannabinoids from the original plant. If I had all of the money in the world I would exclusively buy cartridges with rosin and live rosin in them, but those are noticeably more expensive. You can’t beat the flavor of live rosin, as you’re getting an extract of the plant and its terpenes at the moment of harvest before they naturally break down during the dry curing process.