Cannabis oil carts were on sale last weekend

Sometimes the cannabis shop in town has sales and specials that they don’t advertise.

You only find out about the sale if you happen to go to the dispensary on that particular day. Sometimes it can be edibles or drinks and sometimes it is flower. Last Thursday, I went to the dispensary to pick up some marijuana flower. The budtender told me that all of the cannabis oil carts were 35% off. I was surprised by the sale and the discount made the prices extremely low. I didn’t go to the shop for cannabis oil carts, but I decided to stock up when they were on sale. Cannabis oil has an extremely high THC content. The live resin and distillate cannabis oil cartridges can often have THC levels over 30%. With a sale that good, I decided to pick up 8 grams of cannabis oil cartridges. I picked my favorite manufacturer and I purchased 4 grams of sativa strains and 4 grams of Indica strains. Sativa strains are perfect for daytime use because they don’t contain cannabinoids that make you sleep. They contain cannabinoids and terpenes that make the person feel awake and energetic. Indica strains are much different. Indica strains have cannabinoids and terpenes that are associated with sleep and relaxation. These strains are perfect for bedtime, but they might not be great for use during the day when you need to be alert, awake, and oriented. I think the cannabis shop offers something for everyone and there are even some hybrid strains that offer a relaxing feeling as well as a boost of creativity.


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