Arthritis relief with trip to the legal weed shop

I actually went for a hike for the first time in probably 5 years. This isn’t because I was lazy as I have always been an avid outdoors person. No, I had stopped hiking, and most other activities, due to my arthritis. It had gotten to a point where I was hurting all the time to the point where I just couldn’t have any quality of life. Then, medical cannabis entered my life and changed everything. It all started with an email from a long lost college friend. She had gone through a similar trying period with inflammation and joint pain. And her life was remarkably changed when she got some medical marijuana education and got herself to a legal weed shop. She detailed just the circuitous route she had to travel in order to find relief. And she was also honest about the fact that she was a bit skeptical when it came to cannabis products. Fortunately for me, I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and I was able to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. From there, I also chose to completely change my diet to give myself every opportunity for healing. Given all of that and my near complete dependence on pain meds just to get out of bed, I was still stunned by the results. Within months of treating with medical cannabis, my range of motion and mobility were close to 80 or 90 percent what they once were. That is an incredible testament to just how effective medical cannabis has been to my life.



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